Tiered & Carved Birthday Cakes

Tiered and carved Birthday cakes are very popular. You can have any shape or design you wish using creative carving,  support structures and shaped cake tins. 

Harry Potter Patronus & Book Cake
Witches Cauldron Cake
Zelda Link Nintendo Switch Cake
60th Birthday Wine Bottle Cake
6th & 3rd Birthday Pumpkin Cake
16th Harry Potter Spell Book Cake
5th Birthday Tilly Cake
King Kong & Godzilla Tower Cake
Welsh Red Dragon and Mountain
4th Birthday Unicorn Cake
Boba Fett Birthday Cake
16th Carved Drip Cake
17th Landrover Defender Cake
King Kong & Godzilla Tower Cake
May the 40th Star Wars Cake
Jaguar & Record Dad Cake
SpongeBob SquarePants Cake
NFL Football Birthday Cake
37th Millennium Falcon Star Wars Cake
Kayaking & Climbing Cake
4th Birthday Princess Palace
Batman and The Joker Cake
Birthday & Book Celebration
Alice in Wonderland
Flowers in Vase Cake
Cars - Lightning McQueen Cake
Unicorn Giant Cupcake
At the Gym Cake
Tangled - Pascal Cake
21st Beer Themed Cake
Sweetie Tower
HapBee Birthday!
The Hills Are Alive
Spitfire Plane Cake
3D Dinosaur Book Cake
Ford GT40
Princess Cake
18th Birthday VW Campervan Cake
Totoro Cake
Baked Beans Birthday Cake
'Friends' theme 18th Birthday Cake
Downhill Skiing Cake
Baynes & Sons Lorry Cake
Rockclimbing and Star-gazing Cake
Subaru Impreza Cake

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