Celebrating Guernsey Liberation Day!

To Celebrate Guernsey’s 73rd Liberation Day I arranged a get together with the people who live at Hafan Gwydir in Llanrwst, North Wales. As some of the residents who live here are old enough to remember the Second World War, I thought it would be a good idea to hear their stories and experiences as well as tell them about some of the history of the Channel Islands.

As a Guernsey girl myself I felt it was important to celebrate, share stories and also remember Liberation Day.

So for this 9th of May I found pictures old and new, stories of during the war, from both sides, war time tunes and most importantly some Guernsey Gâche to share.

We had a lovely afternoon chatting, sharing stories, (including a very moving story about a German solider called Rudi Schoberl who helped a family on Guernsey) and of course eating Gâche.

As you can see from the photo we had a good turn out, and some of the ladies even took some of the books and reading material to read later in the afternoon.

As everyone who came said they really enjoyed themselves. I think next year I will bring some more sweet treats, bakes and cakes from Guernsey and the Channel Islands!

“Faout s’en r’maette et célébraïr daove l’ordgeul dé l’ile.”

“Remember and celebrate with island pride.”

3 Comments on “Celebrating Guernsey Liberation Day!”

  1. Well done Em. I know anyone connected with Guernsey will be impressed with your efforts. Sunny Guernsey looks forward to your next visit. xx

  2. What a thoughtful idea as elderly people like to reminisce !
    Having had a peep at your website , you are a very talented young lady .
    What a shame you do not live in Guernsey!

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comments Corinne.
      They were very appreciative that I took time to talk to them about Guernsey,
      and to try some Gache!
      Think I will do it again next year.

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